On & Off Charter SURVEYS

On charter reports protect all parties.  Our reports are very specialized and detailed. 

The charterer is protected from paying for damages that existed at the time of the on charter. The owner is protected from adsorbing the cost of repairs from damages that were caused during the charter. 

Our on charter reports give detailed descriptions of the vessel or barge at the time of the on charter. Description include photos and detailed description of the framing, plating, coating, water in the tanks, inventory, insets, pre-existing damage, deck cleanliness, coatings, etc. We perform complete external and internal surveys of barges.  Even in the hot summertime, internal inspection of the tanks is highly recommended. 

On/Off charter surveys should be saving you money, not costing you more. It only takes 5 seconds for one collision to cause enough damage to erase all of your charter profits, or only a few seconds to erase all of your job profits for having to pay or get involved in litigation for damages for which you are not responsible.

As an owner, you shouldn't be absorbing damages that cost more to repair than the charter profit generates.

Why get an on charter survey?

Without a good on charter there is no way to prove when a damage occurs unless the charterer reports it or the owner happens to see it.  The length of a charter period ("they only used it for a day)" is not a good reason to NOT get an on charter survey.  It only took 20 seconds to cause enough damage to sink the TITANIC. We have witnessed damages in the tens of thousands caused in a matter of seconds on a one or two day charter.  With a detailed charter report you can also separate new from old damages quite easily.